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February 2019 News

How We're Making 2019 a Brilliant Year

While 2018 presented our industry with challenges, we didn't let that slow us down. We enter the new year with updated products, an expanded team, and an unwavering commitment to your success.


Indeed, the widely-publicized trade tariffs, and other industry-wide developments, put upward price pressure on our products in 2018. We worked to absorb as much as we could, but have had to pass along some increases to customers.


If you have questions about our approach to product pricing, please contact us. Our Director of Business Development, Nick Pfenning, has been working closely with our customers and channel partners. He would be glad to hear from you – his direct number is (216) 220-0773. We are truly here to empower your success, so are eager to ensure you're getting the right product, on time, and are equipped to exploit its benefits.

The silver lining amidst the trade challenges? Our focus on maximizing the value we offer is paying off. Here is why we could not be more excited about the year ahead.


Product Innovations

In addition to the recent introduction of our new best-in-class ink-base product (BIB2), we have a strong pipeline of game-changing new innovations that will revolutionize the industry. We are on the verge of announcing several new non-formaldehyde formulations for industrial coatings and other critical applications that meet local regulatory environments and provide a healthier overall work environment.


Additionally, we are making improvements to an already superior product that will offer quantifiable economic benefits in plastic molding applications, including drastically lower plate-outs, higher loading capabilities and improved heat stability in regrind. And that’s just the beginning…..stay tuned.


Expanded Management Team

A major reason 2019 is kicking off as a Brilliant year – the stars have lined up for us to bring on key leaders who will help us bring more value to customers and partners.


To help us keep up with demand while readying the organization for greater scale, Gene Koehler joined Brilliant as Plant Operations Manager in December as well. Not only does Gene bring Six Sigma skills to our group, but over 30 years of operations experience, including over 12 years in the fluorescent colorant industry. Priorities for Gene include refining processes to help us scale up the customization and flexibility so many of our customers value while continually enhancing our ability to offer predictable lead times and uncompromising quality.

Both Nick and Gene are rolling up their sleeves to work on current business while acting to build our future. If there is anything you believe we should know to help us provide great service, please communicate with Nick. Again, he can be reached at (216) 220-0773 or


In December we gathered our management team – comprised of the veterans who innovated us into existence and the new leaders who are helping us author an exciting new chapter – we took up a new vision. “Defining the Future of Fluorescent Pigments” now inspires our thinking every day. Customers and partners like you are at the center of that vision, enjoying easier manufacturing of fluorescent products, safer work environments, and a supplier relationship that is the benchmark across your organization.


Thank you for your confidence in us.


Warm regards,


Darren Bianchi

Founder & CEO

Brilliant Group, Inc.

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