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Fluorescent pigments for paste & other inks

Brilliant Group offers a broad range of products for coatings applications.  Whether you require fluorescent pigments for water-based systems, solvent-based systems, or pigments that don't swell, we have the right product, ready for simple, stir-in use!


A cost effective, tinctorially strong general purpose fluorescent pigment


A fine particle size fluorescent pigment with high tinctorial strength, manufactured in a thermoset matrix for increased solvent resistance


An incredibly inert fluorescent pigment, which is highly cross-linked and has a spherical particle shape, for use in applications where the avoidance of swelling, bleeding, migration or plateout is desired

BNF Fine Grind

A completely formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigment

Fluorescent vinyl colorant in liquid form, for traffic cones and calendared vinyl, phthalate free option


Inorganic phosphorescent pigments with extended afterglow, varying shades and particle sizes. Recommended for applications requiring immediate afterglow with good duration.

Conventional Lithography

A tinctorially strong fluorescent ink base for use in sheetfed, and heatset lithographic ink systems that prints in one pass at equivalent strength of a typical fluorescent ink base in two passes; it is also UV compatible and can also be used in a number of polyester acrylate UV systems; one shelf-stable ink base for both conventional and UV systems makes everyone's life easier


For hybrid UV-litho, a tinctorially strong fluorescent UV-compatible ink base for use in UV cure ink systems that prints in one pass at equivalent strength of a typical fluorescent ink base in two passes


High-strength, 100% reactive UV-curable fluorescent ink base, specifically formulated for lithographic and flexographic UV ink systems


For 100% UV-litho, high-strength, transparent fluorescent colorants which are soluble in certain UV monomers and oligomers. Contact us for details


Our most thermoset and inert pigment, reduces swelling, thixotropy and migration in UV screen inks

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