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Memories and Outlook for the European Coating Show 2023

In preparation for Brilliant’s seventh ECS we sat down with our Founder and CEO, Darren Bianchi who is an expert on all things fluorescent. He shared some fond memories of the show throughout the years, what’s new for Brilliant in 2023 and his favorite spot for a post-show drink in Nuremberg.

How many ECS have you been too? Eight shows! My first one was in 2005. This will be our eighth show attended and seventh where Brilliant have exhibited.

Do you have a favorite ECS in memory? They get better each year, so I’d have to say 2019, where we had the largest booth to date and we were able to accommodate more visitors. But I’m going to reserve the right to answer this question until after the 2023 show. I think it’s going to be extra special to see friends and colleagues in person again.

What are you most looking forward to for 2023 at ECS? Following the pandemic, the ability to see our valued customers, distributors, and other friends in person. During the time since the last show, we’ve been building our team and I’m excited to have some of the newer team members, Chrysa, Julia and Odile, there to meet everyone.

How does Brilliant look to stand out at tradeshows? With a show stopping booth that lets everyone see the benefits of using fluorescent color to set their brand and products apart from the rest.

What is new that Brilliant has for ECS 2023? We’ll be showcasing newer products in the lineup such as Brilliant Fluorescent Emulsions for water-based applications where a sub-micron particle is required such as water flexo inks, marker inks, textiles; new products for UV ink applications and our long-afterglow phosphorescent pigments.

Favorite place in Nuremburg for after the show? Must see site in the city for those visiting? I’ve had some lovely meals at the Zum Albrecht Durer Hause and there is a cute little place called Hexenhaeusle for bier and classic German food. Finally, one must make the trek up the hill to the Imperial Castle for great views of the City.

We are looking forward to a great show and catching up on all the latest happenings in our industry. For more information about Brilliant’s booth and who will be in attendance please check this link.

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