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Fluorescent pigments produce a visual experience of color intensity much more striking than any other conventional colorants - this phenomenon is called Daylight Fluorescence, and it's the topic of an in-depth article authored by our President, Darren Bianchi, and our Technical Manager, Ray Peria.

Click the image to the right to download your copy of the article that was published in the October 2023 Edition of Paint & Coatings Magazine

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Fluorescent color, if not properly protected, is as fragile as it is vibrant and luminous.


Our technical experts have spent most of their professional careers painstakingly experimenting with and testing methods for preserving the color and luminosity of fluorescent pigments across dozens products and thousands of applications. 

We recently decided to summarize the strategies we employ that ensure our customers experience the best possible longevity and performance.

Click the image to the right to instantly download your copy of the resulting whitepaper.

In an article written for Polymers Paint Colour Journal, Brilliant Group CEO Darren Bianchi discusses the use of fluorescent pigments and colourants, and their growing application diversity.

Click the image to the right to download a copy of the article.


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