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Formaldehyde and Fluorescent Pigments – Legislation, Consumer Trends and Industry Initiatives

In recent years, the landscape of regional legislation has undergone significant expansion, reflecting a collective commitment to safeguarding consumers from potential risks associated with harmful chemicals.

The surge in regional legislation signals a proactive approach to protecting consumers from potentially harmful substances. REACh, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals, has become a cornerstone in the European Union's efforts to regulate and control the use of chemicals. Similarly, KKDIK in Turkey, UK REACh, and China REACh aim to limit the risks associated with chemicals, fostering a global commitment to consumer safety.


Consumer-Led Initiatives and Manufacturer Response

Beyond legislative measures, consumer pressure has played a pivotal role in compelling manufacturers to reassess their processes and products. As consumers become more conscientious about the products they use, there is a growing demand for transparency and accountability. This shift has prompted manufacturers to scrutinize their supply chains, adopting practices that limit the use of certain substances and prioritize safety.

While legislative measures and consumer demands drive change, industries have a longstanding history of voluntary initiatives aimed at mitigating the use of harmful substances. Schemes like Oekotex and Bluesign have provided frameworks for industries to adhere to high standards voluntarily. In the realm of artists' color and craft supplies, Brilliant has been a trailblazer, working collaboratively with producers and non-governmental organizations to ensure the highest purity standards in consumer end products.


Brilliant's Commitment to Purity and Safety

Non-Formaldehyde fluorescent pigments have existed for the plastics market since the 1970’s.  Those products originally plated out very badly and had poor heat stability.  These pigments have since evolved and Brilliant’s fluorescent plastic colorants, the Brilliant BNF-500 Series, now has exceptional plate-out resistance and thermal stability.


However, where Brilliant really has excelled is in crafting Non-Formaldehyde pigments for coatings and ink applications, designed to offer both flexibility of formulation and the vibrant, eye-catching colors that consumers expect. These range in form from dry pigments for a broad range of applications to small particle water-based emulsions to water-soluble toners.

Brilliant BNF-5800 is a dry powder pigment ideal for a range of systems where traditional fluorescent pigments have been used.  This includes water-based and plastisol systems in applications such as craft paints, modeling clay, crayons, paper coatings, powder coatings, screen inks and textile inks.

Brilliant BFE Series is a fine particle fluorescent emulsion extremely well suited for water-flexo inks, textiles and craft paints.

Brilliant BSTW Series is a high strength soluble toner, perfect for water-flexo inks requiring exceptional print density under fine line anilox conditions.


These products not only meet the demand of eliminating formaldehyde in consumer products but also perform extremely well so you don’t have to sacrifice quality or operational efficiency by incorporating formaldehyde free pigments to your formulations.

Another noteworthy product is Brilliant BMS series, designed for applications where low migration is paramount and extremely low formaldehyde levels are acceptable. Offering unmatched stability and resistance to solvents, BMS enables formulators to design products with the lowest possible level of formaldehyde. Brilliant ensures that BMS meets the stringent requirements for safety and performance.


As regional legislation continues to evolve, and consumer expectations drive change, industries are navigating a complex landscape of regulations and demands. Brilliant's commitment to purity, safety, and collaboration with industry partners and NGOs exemplifies a proactive approach to meeting and exceeding these standards. By introducing solutions like the BNF-5800, BFE and BSTW Series, Brilliant sets a benchmark for the industry, ensuring that products not only meet vibrant color expectations but also adhere to the highest safety standards for end users, creating a safer and more responsible marketplace for all.

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