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Fluorescent pigments for inks

Brilliant Group offers a broad range of fluorescent products for printing ink applications. Whether you require dry colors for liquid inks or plastisol inks, soluble toners for high strength flexo applications, or paste concentrates for conventional and UV systems, Brilliant has the right fluorescent product for you!

Different Product for Different Applications

  • Solvent Gravure - widely used in carton packaging, we offer our high strength solvent resistant fluorescent pigments

  • Solvent Screen Inks – commonly used in large format applications and on non-porous substrates, we offer our high strength solvent resistant fluorescent pigments and our non-swelling, migration resistant fluorescents

  • Solvent Flexo – typically used on film and foil, we offer high-strength, transparent fluorescent toners

  • Water Flexo - popular for printing on disposable wrist bands, corrugated packaging, narrow web tag and label, including in-mold label, we offer a range of fluorescent pigments, soluble toners and emulsions

  • Industrial/Solvent Ink Jet - our product set includes high-strength, transparent fluorescent soluble toners, resulting in easily jettable fluorescent solutions

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Additional Ink Markets We Serve

  • Plastisol Inks – commonly used in printing on textiles, sportswear and transfer inks, we offer multiple fluorescent pigments for plastisol inks, including a completely formaldehyde-free option as well as a non-swelling, migration resistant fluorescent pigment

  • Conventional Offset - our industry-leading ink base prints in one pass at equivalent strength of a typical fluorescent ink base in two passes; it is also UV compatible and can also be used in certain UV systems, thus minimizing inventory management headaches

  • UV Inks - used to print on a very broad range of surfaces, we offer a tinctorially strong fluorescent ink base for offset and some UV flexo, as well as high-strength transparent colorants for UV flexo and our most chemically inert fluorescent for UV screen


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